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Fair Pricing or Price Gouging?

“Yes, there are vendors who work with most budgets, but the top vendors—those with unique ideas and visions and ability to carry them out—come with higher price tags. It is so important to know and understand what you, as a client, are actually getting for the cost, and whether the vendors you hire to create for you can actually deliver on the vision.”
- Amy, Gather Design Co.

When you think about your wedding budget, a perishable item such as floral isn't really where you'd think your money would be most spent. When you're working with your planner, the budget they typically allot for floral is 20-30% of your overall budget. Over the last two years, Covid, natural disasters and politics have played a large part in the rise in floral cost.

For example, a single rose stem (dependent on the type of rose mind you,) could range from 0.50c to $5.00+. This pricing is not abnormal, but more popular color palates (boho's with burnt oranges and toffee colored florals, vibrant jewel tones, dark and moody) typically come with a higher price tag.

How do you really know who is charging fair or who is just flat out overcharging?

To be honest, you really won't know unless you take a close look at the designs the vendor has posted. Even then, we all know social media can be tricky! Finding reputable vendors is tricky. Here are some tips: Take a look into their portfolio or gallery, do they typically produce the type of style you're looking for? Do they have reviews? Typically check out The Knot, Wedding Wire, Style Me Pretty, and other wedding sites. Lately I've seen a lot of questions about vendors not having reviews on Google. The reality is that not everyone has a floral shop. A lot of wedding florists operate out of a warehouse, out of their home, etc. They just simply don't offer a retail space to have customers shop in person. Google plays a fun game when it comes to listings.

You may not be able to list without a physical address. Do you put your home address as a vendor and hope that google doesn't show it...maybe not the best choice. Even when it comes to a phone number, I don't want my personal phone number out on some random website for just everyone to see. If you don't have a separate phone number or even a separate phone (and this is where you're going to see business fee's start to rise in your invoice), you're working with your personal number. Do I want clients to text me if they need something urgently? Sure. Do I want random phone calls in the middle of the day when I'm sleeping (because I work a night shift) I luckily now have a separate number. We ALL need to be able to separate work from home life.

When it comes to choosing a vendor, you really have to see how you vibe with them. Does their personality work with yours? Do you think you'd be able to reach out and say hey I need to change something and get a timely response? Think about the communication factor of vendor response-this is huge for me as not only a vendor but a client. I look SO much into how quickly someone responds to me. If I'm purchasing something, I personally expect a prompt response. In the end, the communication will vastly take effect on your stress level in a client-vendor relationship when you're planning your wedding.

My final thoughts....

If you really want a quality florist, don't look for the least expensive option. Look for someone that has quality work, a reputable background (check those references folks), ask the tough questions, and communicate as you'd like to be communicated with.
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